Born in London in 1980, Oliver Dickinson is an Anglo-French documentary maker. Director of films with a social or ecological message: The Forgotten District, Caring for the Lagoon, Harvesters of the Bay... His cinematographic style has been recognised by numerous festival selections in 45 countries and he has received over thirty film awards. To Raise and Rise is his second feature.

Recent filmography:

Where the hills are greener

Caplongue is a small village of 80 inhabitants in the South of France where the Loco-Motivés association was created in 2012. Its vision is to produce and deliver local food, respectful of nature and animals, in the friendliest way possible. Through a series of personal and poetic portraits, we follow Isabelle, Jean-Marc, Vincent and the others over the course of a year as they pursue their ideal.

78 minutes, 2016                                                  

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Caring for the Lagoon

The magnificent lagoon of Mayotte, an island in the Indian Ocean, is at the very heart of local life. The Mahorans are aware of this and try to protect it. From the wooded mountain top to the mangrove and into the sea, we come across dedicated men, women and children, turtles and sea cucumbers, right down to the vibrant coral reefs shimmering below in the turquoise water. The lagoon of Mayotte is a cradle of hope: to build a future that will be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

52 minutes, 2011                                                 

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My work, my sorrow

An encounter with François, Vincent, Marie and others, who reveal the hardship of their daily work in France over the past three decades. Interviews include experienced workers from industrial meat processing, 60-components-a-minute electronics assembly, fish processing in freezing conditions, breathing in asbestos in ship building, car assembly at a relentless rhythm and hauling power cables till back-break. Is such widespread distress inevitable?

44 minutes, 2009                    

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Harvesters of the Bay

Ten years ago, a few enthusiasts decided to revive the historic salt production of Bourgneuf Bay in the west of France. They dug out and cleared the ancient salt pans to harvest Bay Salt once again.

Over the course of a year, we come to appreciate Bernard, Daniel and Mano, three different personalities, united by a genuine attachment to their work and a deep respect for nature.

52 minutes, 2013                                                  

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The Forgotten District

Between the Caribbean sea and the Maya Mountains lies Toledo, known as The Forgotten District of Belize, Central America. For the last 20 years, the Maya have been promoting their own ecotourism programme in order to protect their rainforest and traditions. Despite constant opposition from the government and the tourist industry, Margarita, Reyes, Chet and their friends remain strong and optimistic. This film is a tribute to their tireless efforts.

52 minutes, 2009                                                  

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To Raise and Rise

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